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2016 Reading Challenges Check-In 1/12


Here we are, a month into 2016, and I have not forgotten about my Reading Challenges for the year!

Let’s see where we stand. First up…

I Love Libraries RC BBN

I Love Libraries Challenge
hosted by Bea’s Book Nook

Goal: Middle Grades (18 books)

End of January Progress: 17% (target pace: 8%)


One month in, and I’ve read three library books. I haven’t managed to post a single review for any of them (we’ll come back to that later), but it’s still not a bad start.

Moving on to…

Mount TBR 2016Mt. TBR Challenge
hosted by My Reader’s Block

Goal: Pike’s Peak (12 books)

End of January Progress: 8% (target pace: 8%)

Right on target with one book from Mt. TBR. I’d kind of like to get ahead of this one, though, to be honest.

Okay, now for the embarrassing confessions.

NERC2016Button12016 Netgalley/Edelweiss Challenge
hosted by Falling For YA

Goal: Bronze Level (10 books)

End of January Progress: 0% (target pace: 8%)

Oh, dear. I did start a book from NetGalley. Did I finish it? No. Is my Nook sitting on my nightstand, looking sad and neglected? Yes.


2016 Review Writing Challenge
hosted by DelightedReader.com

Goal: 50 Reviews

End of January Progress: 0% (target pace: 8%)

No reviews yet. I really have no excuse, either. That image is pretty spot-on.

So, how’s your 2016 reading going?

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Reader’s Advisory Challenge 2013

Okay, I know I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my 2012 challenges. But I think the Reader’s Advisory Challenge for 2013 is a really fabulous idea. I think I’ll play along, but I’m going to read children’s books rather than YA, and I’m going to pull my titles from the collection at my branch.

Tentative List:

January – Horror – Goosebumps: Wanted: The Haunted Mask by R.L. Stine
February – Science Fiction – Son by Lois Lowry
March – High Fantasy – Winterling by Sarah Prineas
April – Mystery – Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth by Jane O’Connor
May – Verse Novel –
June – Realistic / Contemporary –
July – Historical Fiction – City of Orphans by Avi
August – Graphic Novel or comic –
September – Romance –
October – Dystopian –
November – Steampunk –
December – Humor –

There are a lot of blank spots on that list. Looks like I’ve got some browsing to do!

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NetGalley Knockdown

… or, Just What I Need, Another Challenge.

Thanks to Katy over at BooksYALove, I just heard about the NetGalley Knockdown, which starts off tomorrow. Talk about timing!

I have a crazy backlog of NetGalley titles to read (surprise surprise), so this sounds like just the thing. Plus, it’ll give a little boost to a couple of other Reading Challenges that I signed up for back in the optimistic days of late December.

And, who knows, it might even mean some new reviews getting posted over here!

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Oops – Another Challenge

I do most of my bloggy reading via GoogleReader. It’s convenient. I can access it anywhere with Internet access and a web browser. I don’t spend time clicking through blogs that haven’t been updated. And it puts all the entries in a clean, simple format.

There’s one teeny, tiny issue with the fact that all the blogs look the same, especially when just scrolling on through. It’s easy to confuse them. Which is how I accidentally posted a link to my review of Under the Never Sky to the wrong challenge.


I’ve decided this means I just have to sign up for the other challenge, as well. Which is how I’ve come to sign myself up for the Mega Size E-Book Reading Challenge at The Eclectic Bookshelf. Twenty-five e-books.

Excuse me. I have some reading to do.

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Reading Challenge Wrap-Up: Off the Shelf Challenge 2011

Oh, Bookish Ardour‘s Off the Shelf Challenge. It was such a good idea. I was so excited. I had already picked out 12 books from my shelves to read in 2011, so adding 3 more to make the “Trying” level seemed like no big deal. No problem, right?

So. How’d I do, you ask?

Possessing Genius: The Bizarre Odyssey of Einstein's Brain

Yeah. One book. And I never even managed to post a review. Sad, really.

I still think the challenge itself is a great idea, so I’m going to try again in 2012. I’m going for the “Tempted” level this time. Just five books. No problem.

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Reading Challenge Wrap-Up: E-Book Reading Challenge 2011

When I joined in the E-Book Reading Challenge, hosted at Ladybug Reads, I didn’t make a list of titles. I just put my name in for 12 books.

So, how’d I do?

The Goddess Test Science Fair Season: Twelve Kids, a Robot Named Scorch . . . and What It Takes to Win Junonia Invisible Inkling This Girl Is Different Bumped Shine Delirium Bird in a Box Jane Austen: A Life Revealed Made for You and Me: Going West, Going Broke, Finding Home The Rise of the Dorkasaurus The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks The Hunchback of Neiman Marcus: A Novel About Marriage, Motherhood, and Mayhem

14/12 (117%) – Not bad at all.

Thirteen (93%) were e-ARCs courtesy of NetGalley. One (7%) was a library book. This tells me two things: (1) I really should take advantage of the e-books my library has, and (2) I really should read some of the books I’ve purchased (or downloaded for free). I did use my Nook quite a bit to read the New York Times Book Review. Between the Les Mis Read-Along and the fact that I’ll be doing more traveling in 2012 than I did in 2011, I think my Nook will be getting more use next year.

Because lots of people knew I had the Nook, I tended to get referred questions about e-readers. As the prices have come down, more library patrons have been getting them, and the library/e-book check-out isn’t quite as user-friendly as it could be. So, I sort of had to stay on top of how it worked, even though I didn’t use it much myself! (I used it a bit more than my one book up there would indicate, since I checked out a few e-books that I didn’t finish. At least they return themselves!)

Will I be doing the E-Book Challenge again (hosted for 2012 at Workaday Reads)? Absolutely! And I’m planning to get 25 e-books read this time.

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Reading Challenge Wrap-Up: Debut Author Challenge 2011

Last November, I tossed my hat into the ring for my very first Reading Challenge. To complete the Debut Author Challenge, hosted by The Story Siren, I was supposed to read 12 debut MG/YA novels. So, how’d I do?

The Mostly True Story of Jack I Am J The Goddess Test You Will Call Me Drog Ten Miles Past Normal Charlie Joe Jackson's Guide to Not Reading Like Mandarin This Girl Is Different Bumped Sparrow Road The False Princess Forgotten What Can't Wait Across the Universe The Great Wall Of Lucy Wu The Emerald Atlas Rival

17/12 (141%) – Pretty well, I’d say! Seven of them were from my original list. Three more were Middle Grade Fiction Cybils nominations (Lucy Wu was a fourth nomination, but also on my original list).  I posted reviews of twelve of them here, plus one more at GoodReads that never showed up on the blog (oops).

This was a fantastic challenge, and I loved finding new authors. Aimee Carter, Tommy Greenwald, Kirsten Hubbard, Megan McCafferty, Cat Patrick, Ashley Hope Pérez, and Beth Revis all have books slated for publication in 2012, too.

Will I do this challenge again in 2012? Of course!

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Truth in Fiction Challenge

I was not going to sign up for another reading challenge. I really wasn’t. But this is just too neat to pass up.

The Truth in Fiction Challenge, hosted at Fig and Thistle.

From her post:

The Details:
Challenge runs from 01/01/12 – 12/31/2012

Goal:  read a specified number of book pairs that are comprised of one fiction book and one related non-fiction book.  Think outside of the box; the non-fiction book could also be journals, letters, memoirs, etc…. The pairs needn’t be exact matches, although there should be an easily detectable common thread.  Overlapping with other challenges is fine.

The catch:   Instead of individual reviews, after each book pair write a joint review.  For example, if I read The Bell Jar  by Sylvia Plath and then The Journals of Sylvia Plath then my review post will be focused on both books.  

Freshman:  1 pair
Sophomore: 2 pairs
Junior: 3 pairs
Senior: 4 pairs
Masters: 5 pairs
PhD: 6 pairs
Professor:  7 pairs

Doesn’t this sound like fun? I put my name in for Freshman Level, planning on reading Jeanette Winterson’s Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? and re-reading one of my favorite books, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit.

I can think of at least two more pairings, though. I never did get around to reading Carole Estby Dagg’s The Year We Were Famous, which I was planning to read paired with Linda Lawrence Hunt’s Bold Spirit. And, of course, there’s Wendy McClure’s The Wilder Life, which just begs for a re-reading of Little House on the Prairie.

Thoughts? Suggestions for pairings with books already on my TBR list? Want to join in?

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Les Miserables Readalong!

It’s not another Reading Challenge, see? It’s a Read-along. Totally different.

And it’s just one book!

OK, so it’s a 1286-page book (in the edition I’ll be reading).  I downloaded it from Project Gutenberg months ago, with the intention of reading it “someday”. It looks “someday” is coming soon! I especially like that other people will be reading it right along with me, a sort of virtual book club. The fact that I can count it toward the EBook Challenge (oh! and the Off the Shelf Challenge!) doesn’t hurt, I must admit.

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One More Challenge

Really, we’re using the word “challenge” a bit loosely here. But I realize my relationship with my local library is a little different from people who don’t, you know, work in their library.

It’s the 2012 Support Your Local Library Challenge, hosted at The Eclectic Bookshelf. For this challenge, I’ll be going for Level 4: Read 37+ library books. (For comparison, so far this year, I’ve read 75 library books (and I’d just like to note here how happy I am to have finally figured out how to do multiple filters on my GoodReads list. Very handy.).)

I think this is a fantastic idea for a reading challenge, personally. Join in! Go forth and check out library books!

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